Graffiti As An Art Form

Graffiti is a term used to describe drawings or writings on a wall or public place. It is commonly seen in subways, alleys, or other forms of public property. Some people consider graffiti as vandalism, while others insist that it’s art.

While it’s true that graffiti is sometimes used as a weapon of subversion, it can actually be an immensely positive form of artistic expression. Crude graffiti sometimes involves cheap barbs at symbols of authority, or even vulgar messages. But sometimes graffiti can be a force for change. For example, shreds of the Berlin wall contain graffiti that expresses the feeling of the post-cold-war generation. Many of these artists have no experience of the wall except through history classes. They have no real concept of the pain, suffering, and sacrifice that the long slab of concrete represented. But they do have feelings about it, and these feelings can be understood by analysing the graffiti on that wall.

Another example of positive graffiti is the concept of reverse graffiti. It ranges from using your finger to write ‘wash me’ on a dirty car to scraping images into a dirt stained wall. The concept was popularized by street artists, and is sometimes called grime writing, dust tagging, or clean advertising. Commercial entities use it for guerrilla advertising. These artists suggested that instead of cleaning the accumulated dirt on public surfaces, they should simply modify it. They did this by using chisels, wire brushes, and other tools to scrape images into the grime. The images were mostly themes from nature like trees, animals, and fish. The clean patches of concrete contrasted the dirty patches to make calm, serene pictures.

Graffiti as we know it began in the 1960s, and mainly consisted of images painted on public walls using spray cans. The art is considered illegal, because permission was not sought. Today, some commercial companies hire graffiti artists to decorate their property. It is used as a form of advertising and sometimes promotes social causes. This form of graffiti is more easily recognized as art because of its legality.

Some argue that placing images on public walls is not necessarily a bad thing. From as far back as the Stone Age, people painted animals and other motifs onto rocks and cave walls. We generally assume that these paintings were done on the cave dwellings of the painters, so that wasn’t necessarily graffiti. The walls were private property and were painted with the permission of the owners.

But others argue that very fact that graffiti is illegal proves it’s an art. Many underground movements have produced some of the greatest art, and this is especially true in the music world. This argument is built up by mentioning the time factor. Many graffiti projects are done at night, because the artists don’t want to get caught by the authorities. Yet despite the time limits and the darkness, they are still able to produce immensely beautiful and intricate images. The ability to create such fine work under so much pressure is the mark of a true artist.

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4 Absolutely Simple Ways To Get Paid To Draw Graffiti Legally Today

There are a lot of different ways that you can make money with graffiti writing. Even though there are a lot of things in this art form that can get you in trouble, there are some legal and safe ways to get going in this industry. It’s recommended that you learn how to do this safely, easily, and without trespassing. It’s for that reason that the following 4 ways that can help you get paid have been written. These are going to help you get a little money for your artwork and design, without doing anything illegally. Remember, staying safe is absolutely important overall.

Sell Paintings On Auction Websites

First and foremost, you need to sell paintings through auction websites. You already know that there are several of these sites, so you’ll need to figure out how you can start to sell through the artwork. Start with postings at 99 cents, and then let people bid on your work. Furthermore, make sure that you frame them with nice frames, and offer custom work within the description of your listings.

Start An Online Shop

For those that aren’t keen on working with auctions, don’t worry. Look at online shopping as a way to get your work out there. You can start an ecommerce website by simply purchasing web hosting. Hosting can be garnered for at least one dollar a month. If you simply use the tools that come with this, you will end up being able to setup things like WordPress, then install plugins that will let you sell your work with relative ease. You can always hire a programmer to assist you with this, but that can be costly.

Ask Local Galleries To Do A Show

Let’s say that you’re not ready to go technical with your work. Make sure that you look for galleries that have art on display. You’ll want to literally go in and talk to the curator. Ask them to take a look at your work, or show them pictures of it. You will be surprised by what you may find. If nothing else, you may be able to network with other artists and befriend people in the community that will help you make moves within art. This is something that can catapult you into your own show, and could even help you get paid to draw other things, not just graffiti.

Start Your Own Gallery and Sell Original Work

When in doubt, do it yourself. There are a lot of artists that have circumvented the art world by simply purchasing a gallery themselves. You can do this by looking into “for rent” retail storefronts and get a “month to month” contract. You can paint all the walls white, clean the floors, then put your work on display. You can even have an opening reception, pass out flyers, and offer all your work for a low price. If nothing else, you’ll be able to network with others and become a part of the local community of artists in your area.

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Graffiti Art and Finding Good Graffiti Supplies

Graffiti art is a form of art originated since 1960s and still developing up to present. However, it is not accepted as being art similar to those arts that can be found in the museum due to its location and illegal presentation. But the presentation and location is not enough to disqualify graffiti as an art.

You see it for the first time and you wonder what kind of painting blunder or were it a wall branding that turned into a wall blundering act? But then as you look closely, the figure starts taking shape, the words start standing out and suddenly you start making sense out of the incoherent crisscrossing of the paints lines and colors. This is the essence of graffiti art, so carefree, so liberal, and not conforming to any of the common art forms rules and regulations that are in existence today. With that said, getting graffiti art and finding good graffiti supplies is very easy for any aspiring artist all over the world.

There are numerous forms of graffiti. An individual marking such as slogans is one of the simplest forms of graffiti. Example of this type can be found in bathrooms, walls and this is usually in handwritten.

In fact, graffiti art does not even conform to location. Somehow a bold graffiti artist decides to express his ideas on the stone wall in the neighborhood without the consent of the authorities, and then it takes the tax payer’s money to clean the walls. But the good thing with graffiti is that it sets the spirit free. Over time, debate has been ranging over the legality of graffiti art, whether it should be considered as art in any form or whether it is just an act of vandalism or an abuse on art.

Irrespective of some die-hard factions of the contemporary art forms insisting that graffiti is not an art form, the truth is that graffiti art has been in existence as long as man has existed. Therefore, you do not just rule it out in a day and say that it is not an art. More liberal aesthetic spirits are continually becoming lured into it as days go by and this is explained by the fact that graffiti art and finding graffiti supplies is becoming easier daily. This means that society is finally accepting that graffiti art is here to stay forever. Long live graffiti art!

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Defending a Graffiti Charge

Graffiti is not a modern concept, and there are many varying opinions on what graffiti is and if it has any worth. For some, graffiti is an art form, while for others, graffiti is nothing more than a criminal act. Legally, graffiti is a crime that is considered to be a form of vandalism. Vandalism refers to damaging another party’s property. The courts take vandalism charges seriously. Due to the harsh penalties that can come with being convicted of a graffiti-related charge, it is important to put together a strong defense if you are facing these, or other vandalism charges.

A vandalism charge will typically result from illegally defacing property, even if the images are intended for artistic purposes. Some gang members and other groups use this form of vandalism as a way to “mark” certain territories. Graffiti images are typically scratched, painted, glued, or otherwise drawn onto surfaces. Exterior walls and bridges are the most common locations for graffiti, but other destructive acts, such as drawing on bathroom stalls, can be considered illegal.

A sentence for a graffiti related charge will depend on two factors. The first is the monetary damage it caused. If the damages were minimal, a person convicted of defacing property may only receive a misdemeanor. A charge may become a felony, however, if the monetary damage was extreme. defacing property such as a place of worship, school, monument, or another government property may also lead to felony charges.

There are several ways to defend against a vandalism charge. Many people are falsely accused of this act. If this is the case, there may not be enough evidence to justify a conviction. Sentences may also be negotiated. First time offenders may be able to secure significantly reduced sentences or have the charges against them dismissed altogether.

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